Xpress Redi Set Go Cooker – Pizza / Pancake / Burger Maker with Free Recipe Book

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Xpress redi-set-go indoor electric grill multifunction pizza device product description. Get ready for grill and oven quality food in microwave time with this pizza maker.

Express cooking is even easier then it was with the original gt xpress! it’s can the versatile, indoor electric grill that lets you cook healthy great meals fast. The dual cooking technology heats food from the top and bottom cutting cooking time in half.

The nonstick surface means no need for oils that produce extra fat and clean up is a breeze. Comes complete with built-in timer, on/off switch and is compact for easy storage.

On/off switch – have your redi-set-go ready when you need it at the flip of a switch. Stores easily – with its compact design the redi-set-go is no larger than a toaster so you can store