Pop Up Standing Spice Rack (6 Pieces) Fine life

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Like life, food becomes much more interesting when it’s been spiced up a bit. Apart from the table staples of salt and pepper, you can add dried herbs (like basil, oregano, and thyme) powdered roots (like ginger, turmeric, and onion), and various chilies (like chipotles, jalapenos, and habaneros). There’s a world of spices out there, and you can put them into the Spice Rack.

This must-have accessory for every kitchen makes it easy for you to organize these spices so that you can grab a pinch or a handful while you cook. Just put these ingredients into the see-through containers and you’ll have a convenient way of accessing them thanks to the easy pop-up lids. Hand the containers on the branches of the gray PVC rack, and you’ll save valuable counter space for your prep work. The Spice rack resembles a gray tree with rosy florets, giving your kitchen a sleek and modern look.