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Selfie Stick with Free Built in Selfie Button Version 2.0

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Wired-remote Shutter for Self Portrait Selfie Handheld Stick Monopod with Adjustable Phone Holder,

No Need Bluetooth Matching, No Need Battery, No Need WiFi, No Need Limit Button Use,

Only you would Need your Phone and Selfie Stick with Free Built in Selfie Remote Version 2.0

High Speed Shutter Response Time and Extendable Telescoping Selfie Pole for Android and iOS Smartphones(Samsung, HTC, Sony, iPhone etc.)

Selfie Stick with Free Built in Selfie Button Product Description:

Want to share photos with your family members and best friends? New way to make selfies easier and more fun. Now you can take selfie at any angle. Capture more people and fun in your photos while turning a selfie to a group-selfie, which we call usie. Let us “Be Selfie, Be Usie”

The specially designed core allows it to be used without a battery. Our patented App algorithm is designed to capture the special signal transmitted by this very core line from the camera button within 0.1 second. It gives you instant response time in order to capture every precious moment you might like to save.

Neither Bluetooth nor WiFi are needed. To get started, put your smart phone into the holder, plug in the phone jack cord and go!

Featuring a 24″ extendable wand, only weighing 3.8 o.z., the Super Selfie is easy to use, easy to carry, and the camera holder is easy to rotate for any angel you prefer.

Work with major Android and iOS smart phones (Samsung, Sony, iPhone, etc.)


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