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Brand New 9000mAh Samsung Power Bank

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Never have your smart phones run out of battery. This compact and long-lasting backup battery will let you carry the power where ever you go. There’s no need to charge your device through an electrical outlet, the Samsung 9000mAh power bank IS THE POWER SOURCE! Take this with you when you travel or go on a trip.

Product Description :

The Universal Battery Pack is the perfect companion for heavy users of smartphones or tablets who constantly find themselves running out of battery away from an outlet. Take your battery pack with you in a backpack, purse or briefcase to keep your device’s battery at full while you’re away from an outlet!


Product Overview :

Now get an eligible power source for all your Samsung devices across with this External Battery Pack from Samsung. This battery pack is capable enough to charge your smartphone  anywhere you want.

Product Functionality :

The product is design in such a way that it comes with an USB cable, which gets connected to your device and starts charging. It also has a LED indicator to inform battery status.

Special Features :

• Carry it and charge on the go thanks to portable design

• Easily connect and charge most 5V devices via USB

• Recharge using your Samsung Micro USB charger

• Allows checking the charge level using the handy indicator

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  1. Ranga
    5 out of 5


    i like to purchase this power bank

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